In 2019, the Future Ingenieros program will be held as part of the Juntos Summer Academy! If you are interested in engineering and science,  apply to Juntos Summer Academy and complete the supplemental application for the Future Ingenieros program. 

Juntos Academy is a week-long experience at NC State University where Latino High School students receive the college experience for a week by staying in college dorms, participating in special classes and activities, and learning what they need to do to be successful in college. Juntos Academy participants selected for Future Ingenieros will work as teams on a special project with an engineering research lab at NC State during the week of Juntos Academy. All students attending the 2019 Juntos Summer Academy at NC State will receive a scholarship to cover expenses (food, lodging, daily activities, etc.). Juntos Academy students participating in the Future Ingenieros sub-program will receive a supplemental award! 

Apply to the 2019 Juntos Academy and the Future Ingenieros program here: